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How to use
Age-R Derma EMS Shot?

  1. Press and hold the ⑥ Power button to turn on the power. * When the device is turned on, the remaining battery level will be displayed on the ③ LED Indicator in white.
  2. Press and hold the ④ Mode/Intensity adjustment button to change the mode.
  3. After selecting the mode, adjust the intensity level by pressing the ④ Mode/Intensity adjustment button quickly. When the ③ LED indicator is on level 1, one LED light is lit. An additional LED light is then lit every time the level goes up. (The device can be set between levels 1-4.)
  4. Apply adequate amount of gel to the desired area and gently massage the ①Roller Heads against the skin in an upward motion. *The notification rings every 5 seconds when the device is in operation.
  5. The device turns off automatically after 10 minutes of usage. To turn off the product during use, press and hold the ⑥ Power button.
  6. After use, take a soft cloth or cotton pad to clean the ① Roller Heads before storing it.
  7. Charge the device using the C-type charger enclosed in the box. When charging, the battery level will be displayed on the ③ LED Indicator in white. * The device cannot be operated while charging.

Video Guides.

Video clip for how to use the device



Guideline for Each Mode.

What is the main functions and the recommended use parts of each mode?

The device has three modes : slim mode, up mode, and body mode. Depending on the area that you are concerning, the mode can be selected and used as shown below.


    Slim mode is a mode that gently massage the muscles of the skin.
    The main function of this mode is line care that helps with the apperance of the face slimming, and the recommended use are is the jawline.


    Up mode is a mode that gently pulls and massage the mucles of the skin.
    The main function is the visible elasticity intensive care, and the recommended areas of using are cheek/cheekbones, temples, around eyes area, and forehead.


    Body mode is a mode that massgae the body with a long wavelength and gives the relaxation feeling.
    The main function is body care, and the recommended parts for using are the trapezius muscle, forearm, calf, etc.


Complete elasticity care that stimulates deep within the skin.
Beginner's guide on how to start using the Age-R devices

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  • Q. Can I use it everyday?

    It can be used everyday, because this device helps with moving the muscles to do visible elasticity care. However, please adjust the time and period of using it according to your skin condition, and avoid using it on wounds or skin trouble areas.

  • Q. Do I need to use the Age-R Booster Gel with the device?

    Age-R EMS Shot is a beauty device that operates by delivering medium-frequency energy and therefore should be used with products that are capable of transmitting the frequencies. It is recommended that you use the dedicated Age-R Booster Gel Serum for best results.

  • Q. How much Gel Serum should I use per session?

    We would also recommend applying a generous layer of the boosting gel on the desired area, as well as a small dollop on the roller heads of the device. The more gel is used, the stronger the sensation of stimulation. If you feel that the strength of the device is too weak or too strong, try adjusting the amount of gel applied.

  • Q. Is it normal that I cannot feel any stimulation without applying the Gel serum?

    Yes, it is normal. Just as ultrasonic waves can be reached by ultrasonic gel, medium-frequency also only can be transferred when used with its conductors. So, please use the Age-R device with the Gel serum!

  • Q. Should I wash off the remaining gel once I’m finished?

    You may wash off the remaining Medicube Booster Gel Serum, but it helps hydrate (moisturize) your skin when it's absorbed.

  • Q. There is a numbness and tingling sensation when using the device, is it normal?

    Age-R Derma EMS shot is a device that transmits stimulation to the muscle layer using medium frequency. So, you could feel a tingling phenomenon and numbness when it is used around your teeth and forehead. However, please rest assured that those phenomena are temporary, and it will gradually disappear after the end of use.

  • Q. Is there any area that should I avoid using the device?

    Please avoid using areas close to eyes, uvula (Adam's apple), philtrum area, wounds, and surgical area.

  • Q. Can I use Age-R Derma EMS Shot after having dermatological treatments?(Metal devices, silicon, Botox and fillers)

    For dermatological procedures such as Botox and fillers, it is recommended to use the Age-R Derma EMS Shot more than a month later. You can use it if you have a facial prosthesis, but you may feel a tingling sensation. And the phenomenon is temporary, and it will gradually disappear after the end of use. in 10mins. However, it is not recommended if you have received a treatment that inserting a metal device into your body. There may be individual differences depending on the type of dermatology treatments and area certain type of treatment taken, so we recommend you to use it after consulting with your specialist.

  • Q. How to charge the Age-R Derma EMS shot?

    If the battery is low, the device may not function. Please charge the device with USB-C type cable included in the box. While the device is charged, the battery level is displayed in white dots on the LED indicator, and please take note that the device does not operate while charging.

  • Q. How should I clean the device?

    After use, we highly recommend to wipe the head with soft cloths, cotton pads, and cotton swabs.
    We do not recommend washing the Age-R devices with water because it may cause a failure.