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AGE-R Line Shot

AGE-R Line Shot

AGE-R Line Shot

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  • Line Smoothing device
    The start of effective fine lines care, AGE-R Line Shot Experience professional-level line-smoothing care at home with advanced Dual-Volumizing technology.
  • 1. Help smooth the look of fine lines around eyes, lips, 11s and neck
    2. Plumps lips & under eyes
    3. Help to brighten the skintone of the eye area
    4. Ball-type head for precise application along the lines
  • AGE-R's exclusive Dual-Volumizing technology for effective line smoothing care
  • Shot mode
    Needle-free technology: Stimulates skin layers for line-smoothing effect effect
  • Booster mode
    Electroporation: Delivers active ingredients deeply for volume-boosting effect
  • Self clinical test for 4 weeks
    *Deep Reviving Peptide Eye Cream + AGE-R Line Shot used
  • After 4 weeks of use, experience the line-smoothing effect
    Length of sunken eye wrinkles reduced by 16.9%
    Length of crow's feet reduced by 10.6%
    Volume of glabellar lines increased by 22.0%
    Volume of crow's feet increased by 6.6%
    Reduction of eye bags by 6.4%
    Forehead Line Volume improvement 21.2%
    Smile lines improvement 15.2%
    Jowl area Volume improvement 18.7%
    Sagging Neck improvement 3.9%
  • *Result may vary among individuals
  • *Excerpt from Medicube Line Shot(I Deep Shot) human application test report
  • - AGE-R Line Shot
  • - User Manual
  • - USB Charging Cable
  • (*The name on the box may be printed as the AGE-R I Deep Shot but is the same product as the AGE-R Line Shot.)

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▸ Download the Age-R Device User Guide for step-by-step instructions
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Before Use

Press button for 2 seconds to turn on device. Press the mode button briefly to select your desired mode (Shot Mode/Booster Mode).
Shot Mode
Use it 2-3 times a week on dry skin after cleansing.
Booster Mode
Use it daily after cleansing along with your skincare products.
* If you want to use both modes, please use Shot Mode first, followed by Booster Mode.
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Shot Mode

Lining : Lightly touch the head ball to your skin and draw along your desired areas. After cleansing, gently glide the head ball along the skin
When using Shot Mode, avoid pressing the head ball too firmly against your skin, as it may reduce effectiveness. use it lightly, like brushing over the skin.
howto use bodyshot video

Booster Mode

Circling : Press the head ball firmly against your skin and massage in a circular motion around your areas of concern. After applying your skincare, press the head ball firmly against the skin and roll it.
When using the product for the first time, start from level 1 and gradually increase the level. If you use both modes, please use Shot Mode first and then Booster Mode.
  • 01. When using Line Shot, use it repeatedly from the inside to the outside of the desired eye area.
    Use it repeatedly according to the mode that targets areas like Eye Bags, Crow's feet, Mongolian Folds, and Sagging Upper Eyelids. Adjust the intensity and time as you use it.
  • 02. After concentrating on eye care, use it on other areas of concern such as the forehead, neck, and smile lines.
    After using AGE-R Line Shot, finish off with your regular skincare products.
  • 03. For soft and plump lips
    Shot Mode
    Use on dry lips by grazing along the lip line. Sweep upwards on the outer corners of the lip.
    Booster Mode
    Apply lip balm and absorb in circular motions.
  • 01: Can I use both modes every day?You can use Booster Mode daily, but for Shot Mode, it's recommended to use it 1-2 times a week. Please make sure to follow the recommended usage frequency for each mode, and adjust the usage time and frequency to suit your skin's needs.
  • 02: Does Shot Mode need to be used on completely dry skin?Yes, Shot Mode should be used on dry skin. It will not operate properly if your skin is moist. After cleansing, ensure that your skin is completely dry before using Shot Mode.
  • 03: How many minutes can I use it in a day?On days when you use both modes, please use them in the following order: Shot Mode > Booster Mode, for a total of 6 minutes. Shot Mode is recommended for use once a day, while Booster Mode can be used 1-3 times a day. However, adjust the usage time to suit your skin's condition.
  • 04: Is it safe to use near the eye area?Yes, AGE-R Line Shot is safe to use near the eye area. However, because the skin around the eyes is thin, always start with Level 1 and avoid contact with the eyes. Be cautious while using it around the eye area.
  • 05: How should I use it in combination with the Age-R devices? When using AGE-R Line Shot with the Age-R devices, follow these instructions:
    - If using Shot Mode + Booster Mode together:
    Derma Shot > Deep Shot > Air Shot > Line Shot(Shot Mode) > Line Shot (Booster Mode) > Booster-H
    * After using Air Shot, please avoid using Line Shot(Shot Mode)on the areas previously treated.
    - If using Booster Mode alone:
    Derma Shot > Deep Shot > Air Shot > Line Shot(Booster Mode) > Booster-H