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[Korean Glow Maker] Home Aesthetic Full Set

[Korean Glow Maker] Home Aesthetic Full Set

Glass Glow Line, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

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    Set includes:
    Age-R Booster-H Device
    Triple Collagen Serum - 55 ml | 1.85 fl.oz.
    Triple Deep Erasing Cream - 50 ml | 1.69 fl.oz.
    FREE Triple Collagen Toner - 140 ml | 4.73 fl.oz.
    FREE Zero Pore Pads - 100 ml | 70 Pads
    FREE Sheet Masks 5EA
    * Free Sheet Masks may vary depending on stock availability.


    Experience skin like you just came back from a spa at home. Meet Triple Collagen Skincare and Needle-free Booster-H in one set that restores the skin's natural glow. Apply and rub daily to absorb in just 5 minutes. Medicube brings the expertise of Korean clinical care to your home.


    Age-R Booster H Device
    Age-R Booster-H creates temporary passageways on the skin layer, rapidly passing active ingredients, helps to bring back skin radiance. Uniquely developed by Medicube, Booster-H's Glow Poration Technology gives a hydra&inner glow effect. Application of basic skincare with the Booster-H showed a 490% increase in absorption into the skin compared to using the hands.

    Triple Collagen Serum & Cream
    Triple the collagen, triple the glow. Triple Collagen Serum contains triple collagen complex absorbs into skin for deep hydration from within (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid) that penetrates faster and deeper into skin barrier, hydrating skin from the inside out. Deep Erasing Cream contains 11 patented ingredients clinically proven to smooth out fine lines, fill in wrinkles, tighten pores and eliminate blemishes and dark spots. It improves the moisture and elasticity of the skin when used simultaneously. This helps to achieve a firm, plump look and a glassy glow from deep within the skin.

    Free Gifts Worth $180
    Buy this set and get free products worth $180. This set includes Booster-H and Triple Collagen Toner that has the best synergistic effect with Triple Collagen Skincare, Zero Pore Pads that easily remove residue and sebum from pores after cleansing, and 5 Sheet Masks


    Effects of the Booster-H with just 1 use :
    *Skincare(ampoule+cream) + Booster-H used

    Skin permeability increase 490%
    Skin glossiness improvement 57.4%
    Skin inner hydration improvement 4.5%
    Skin outer hydration improvement 16.5%
    Skin texture improvement 6.8%

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