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AGE-R Glass Skin Trial Set

AGE-R Glass Skin Trial Set

Booster Pro with collagen trial kit

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  • Collagen glow layering 4-step kit with Booster Pro
    Would you like to try Korean skincare?
    Discover Medicube's collagen skincare essentials to achieve a radiant glass skin glow.
    Experience our collagen routine with the ultimate 6-in-1 skincare booster device, the Booster Pro
  • Collagen glow layering 4-step kit
    Medicube's best-selling collagen glow skincare essentials are formulated with triple collagen for plumping and glowing skin. Try our trial skincare routine featuring four different mini-sized products: Collagen Toner, Serum, Cream, and Night Wrapping Mask. Also, maximize the effectiveness of the collagen skincare routine by using it with Our AGE-R Booster Pro!

    AGE-R Booster Pro
    Medicube’s first total care device that contains 6 key functions to achieve your skin goals. This device combines the latest skincare technology- Electroporation, Microcurrent, EMS, Electric needles, LED and Sonic vibration, suitable to use for all skin types. AGE-R Booster Pro is a high-tech beauty device that provides you professional-level skincare in the comfort of your own home. Benefits include improved skincare product absorption, enhanced radiance, elasticity care, facial contouring and pore care With four easy-to-use modes, the device offers simplicity and effectiveness. That's not all, you can experience a luxurious spa skincare through our AGE-R application

    Collagen Toner, Serum and Cream
    Triple the collagen, triple the glow. Triple Collagen Serum contains triple collagen complex absorbs into skin for deep hydration from within (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid) that penetrates faster and deeper into skin barrier, hydrating skin from the inside out. Deep Erasing Cream contains 11 patented ingredients clinically proven to smooth out fine lines, fill in wrinkles, tighten pores and eliminate blemishes and dark spots. It improves the moisture and elasticity of the skin when used simultaneously. This helps to achieve a firm, plump look and a glassy glow from deep within the skin.

    Collagen Night Wrapping Mask
    For skin changes overnight - revolutionary elasticity care as you sleep Protect skin elasticity in your sleep with Collagen Wrapping Care. To prevent elasticity loss in your sleep, a collagen wrapping film is formed to grasp the elasticity.

  • STEP 1. Booster Pro (Air Shot Mode)
    Use it on dry skin after cleansing by sweeping the device head from the inside to the outside (2-3 times a week)

    STEP 2. Triple Collagen Toner
    Apply appropriate amount of Triple Collagen Toner across entire face.

    STEP 3. Triple Collagen Serum + Booster Pro (Booster Mode) -
    Apply an appropriate amount of Triple Collagen Serum across the entire face and absorb it using Booster Mode 1-3 times

    STEP 4. Triple Collagen Cream + Booster Pro (Microcurrent & Derma Shot Mode)
    Spread the product gently and absorb it gently using MC and Derma Shot Mode

    STEP 5. Collagen Wrapping Mask
    1. After washing the face, apply toner and cream first
    2. Apply the cream on your face (excluding the eyes, nose, lips area) and leave it to completely dry before going to bed.
    3. The next morning, peel off the collagen protection film and wash gently with water.
    *You may wash it off directly without peeling it.

  • The ultimate beauty device with 6 technologies in one
  • 5 types of intensive LED
    Five LED colors indicate different targeted care for various skin goals
    Blue: Pore Care & Sebum Control  / 466nm 
    Orange: Brightening / 607nm     
    Green: Volumizing / 521nm    
    Red: Elasticity / 622nm   
    Purple: Boosts skincare / 410nm 

    *LED colors for each mode are preset, and LED color changes can only be made through the AGE-R App.
  • Booster mode: Electroporation
    Booster mode helps absorb active ingredients and delivers them while boosting radiance. Utilizes electroporation more stable utilization of electroporation, creating temporary fine holes for the maximized absorption of active ingredients.
  • MC Mode: Microcurrent
    MC mode helps to volumize facial lines
    Microcurrent targets the areas around the eyes, smile lines, and mouth
  • Derma Shot Mode : EMS
    Derma Shot mode stimulates sagging skin and care for muscles to create a firmer facial contour Facial contour care by applying mid-frequency EMS optimized for facial muscles to stimulate muscles that have lost elasticity.
  • Air Shot Mode: Electric needles
    Air shot mode helps improve pore elasticity by creating non-damaging passageways on the skin layer with electric needles. Electric needle technology forms micro holes and improves pore elasticity.
  • Customized Vibration Care
    Different vibration patterns for each mode provide a more professional and effective care.
    Radiance boosting vibration : Vibrations are designed to help the skincare product absorb deeply.
    Line smoothing vibration : Vibrations are synchronized with the lifting motion.
    Facial contour vibration : Vibrations are suitable for muscle care.
    Pore elasticity vibration : Vibrations are intended for comprehensive pore care.
  • Use your device more effectively with the AGE-R app
  • Custom Guide Video
    Customized guide video that you can follow safely at home

  • My Calendar
    Professionally designed calendar that enhances the effectiveness of AGE-R devices

  • Skin Tracker
    Easy skin tracker that visualizes your skin progress

  • Easy AGE-R Control
    Smart care records automatic reports from directly controlled modes, steps, volume, vibration, and LED color

  • Get expert skincare tips! DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Booster Mode
    Skin Permeability : Improved by 785%
    Skin Radiance: Improved by 11.4% after 2 weeks of use.
    Discoloration: Improved by 1.98% after 4 weeks of use.
    Skin Tone: Improved by 1.8% after 4 weeks of use.
    Hydration: Improved by 1.73% after 2 weeks of use.
  • MC Mode
    Forehead Volume : Improved by 35.9% after 2 weeks of use
    Smile Lines : Improved by 24.2% after 2 weeks of use
    Between The Brows(11s) : Improved by 16.1% after 2 weeks of use
    Crow’s Feet : Improved by 12.6% after 2 weeks of use
    Neck Lines : Improved by 11.8% after 2 weeks of use
    Skin Density : Improved by 5.46% after 2 weeks of use
  • Derma Shot Mode
    Lower Eye Bag : 15.3% decrease after 2 weeks of use
    Sagging Cheeks : 5.31% decrease after 2 weeks of use
    Sagging Smile Lines : 4.49% decrease after 2 weeks of use
    Sagging Lower Cheek : 4.24% decrease after 2 weeks of use
    Jaw Line Elasticity : Improved by 4.89% after 2 weeks of use
    Double Chin : 1.21cc reduction after 2 weeks of use
  • Air Shot Mode
    Skin Permeability : Increased by 791%
    Pore Count : 34.5% decrease after 2 weeks of use
    Dead Skin : 27.4% decrease after 2 weeks of use
    Cheek Pore Visibility : 21.9% decrease after 1 week of use
    Nose Pore Visibility : 14.1% decrease after 1 week of use
    Pore Width Length : 16.1% decrease after 1 week of use
    Pore Vertical Length : 9.04% decrease after 1 week of use
    Rough Skin : 6.68% decrease after 2 weeks of use
  • *Result may vary among individuals
  • *Excerpt from clinical test report for use of Booster Pro(4 modes) in combination with skincare products
  • - AGE-R Booster Pro
  • - Triple Collagen Toner 12ml | 0.40 fl.oz.
  • - Triple Collagen Serum - 12ml | 0.40 fl.oz.
  • - Triple Collagen Cream - 5ml | 0.16 fl.oz.
  • - Triple Collagen Wrapping Mask - 5ml | 0.16 fl.oz.

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Collagen Niacinamide Jelly Cream
▸ Download the Age-R Device User Guide for step-by-step instructions
howto use bodyshot video

Before Use

Turn on device by holding the button for more than 2 seconds.
Shortly press the mode button to switch modes.
Change the level by briefly pressing the power button
Use 1-3 times a day: Booster Mode, MC Mode, Derma Shot Mode
Use 2-3 times a week : Air Shot Mode
howto use bodyshot video

1. Air Shot Mode (After cleansing)

Brush against dry skin 2-3 times a week. (5 minutes per use)
Use it on dry skin by sweeping the device head from the inside to the outside.
howto use bodyshot video

2. Booster Mode (+ Triple Collagen serum)

Absorb skincare using Booster Mode 1-3 times (use 5-10 minutes per use)
Use it after applying skincare, and set it to level 1 when using it for the first time.
Roll it on the skin in a circular motion from the inside to the outside.
*When used with a high-performance serum, Booster mode can enhance the effects.
howto use bodyshot video

3. MC Mode (+Triple Collagen Cream)

Use 1-3 times a day, in an upward motion by adhering the head to the skin (5-10 minutes per use)
Use it after applying skincare by pulling upward from the inside to the outside.
*When used with a cream, MC Mode enhances skin volume.
howto use bodyshot video

4. Derma Shot Mode (+Triple Collagen Cream)

Use 1-3 times daily, pausing for 1-2 seconds on the desired area. (5-10 minutes per use)
Slowly draw a circle or massage outward to relax your muscles.
*When used with a cream, Derma Shot Mode boosts your skin elasticity.
  • How is it different from the original Booster-H?With a higher skin permeability than the existing Booster-H, active ingredients are delivered thoroughly for more powerful radiance care. You can see more powerful effects with a larger device head, central LED and vibration care.

  • How is it different from the original ATS Air Shot?Unlike the existing Air Shot, it is designed to operate even when only one electrode is touched. It can be used by lightly grazing the edge of the head, allowing for more convenient and delicate care. The device is more effective and less irritating than the prior device.

  • How is it different from the existing Derma EMS Shot?The existing Derma EMS Shot technology stimulates muscles to help manage swelling and elasticity. Booster Pro's derma shot mode applies a frequency more optimized for facial muscles than the existing Derma EMS Shot, providing a stronger facial contour care effect.

  • Do I need to use the dedicated gel when using derma shot mode?No. It can be used without the dedicated gel by applying the appropriate frequency to the facial muscles. Please use it together with skincare you normally use.

  • I'm curious about the order of use. Can I use all 4 modes in the same routine?Yes, four modes can be used simultaneously. After using the air shot mode for dry skin, use the booster, microcurrent, and derma shot modes along with the skincare you normally use.

  • What is the usage cycle for each mode?Be sure to check the usage cycle before use, and adjust the usage cycle and usage time according to your skin type.

  • How should I use skincare when using the booster, mc, and derma shot modes simultaneously?Absorb a light serum and ampoule in booster mode, then follow with a rich, viscous cream/gel formulation. After booster mode care, use mc mode and derma shot mode with the remaining amount on the skin without applying additional skincare. If the intensity feels too low, add additional product.
    *The above usage method is suggested for simple understanding. Find the method that suits you best while using it.

  • Can all 4 modes be used around the eyes?All four modes of Booster Pro can be used around the eyes, and we recommend using level 1 for areas with thin skin, such as around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

  • It’s too bright even when I close my eyes. The LED seems to be too strong. Is this okay?It may feel too bright but it has no effect on your eyes and is safe to use. However, if there is a lot of product on the head and the central LED operates even without contact with the skin, be careful of direct eye exposure.

  • Is it defective if there are scratches on the device head? We used surgical steel, which is commonly used in medical devices such as scalpels and syringe needles, for the device head. While it is non-allergenic and rust-resistant, slight scratches may occur during the manufacturing or cleaning process due to the characteristics of surgical steel.
    Is it defective if there are scratches on the LED head? The lines on the booster pro LED section are not scratches but marks formed during plastic production. It is safe to use and is not defective.