Medicube Pore Brush

M-club $10.80

Dual-type pore brush that helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities that lie deep inside the pores

Consist of a microfine bristle brush that effectively cleans out dead skin cells, dirt and impurities in pores while the jelly brush gently removes excess sebum. Deeply cleanses makeup with streamline grip design.

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0.05mm Microfine Bristle Brush

Silky and soft, the microfiber bristle side gently cleanses deep into pores. Tightly woven bristles create a frothy mountain of rich foamy lather for extra cleansing power that erases all traces of makeup, leaving no residue behind.

Silicone Jelly Brush

Soft flexible silicone bristles exfoliate and massage the skin. Gently scrubs away at stubborn spots, especially deeply embedded buildup and impurities in areas like your nose, chin, and forehead.



Minimizing pores

Sebum reducing

How to use

1. Apply cleansing foam or soap and wet fine bristle brush to create lush lather

2. Massage in circular motion all over face

3. Massage the areas with clogged pores in a circular motion with jelly brush

4. Rinse the brush out thoroughly after each use and keep it in a dry, well-ventilated place

Red Foam Cleanser

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