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Deep Vita C Patch

Deep Vita C Patch

Deep Line, Dullness & Drab Skin

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Dual Spot Eraser with 149 Vitamin microtips
#149 Vitamin Micropoints
#Dark&Red Dual Spot Targeting
#1-Step Overnight Miracle
** Patch, the difference is "depth"!

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Key Ingredient

Ascorbic Acid

Improve dark and red spots


Brightening & Spot targeting improvement



Spot Targeting

How to use

1. Peel off the film, trying not to touch the microtips in the center of the patch.
2. Place the patch with the troubled area at the center and gently place and press firmly with your fingers to effectively adhere.
*Check before use
Be careful that the tip is made of 100% active ingredients and may melt on skin with unabsorbed skincare and water.