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AGE-R Contour Body Shot

AGE-R Contour Body Shot

Body Line Care

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  • Device for body line care
    Achieve a smooth and elastic body with our innovative 10-second shot care.
  • RF and EMS in one single shot!
    Enjoy body care at home.
  • body shot video
  • body shot video
  • *44℃ = 111.2 ℉
  • 1. Smooth body skin with high-frequency (RF) and medium-frequency energy (EMS)
  • 2. 2 modes, 5 levels of meticulous care at home.
  • 3. Equipped with an automatic temperature sensor that checks the temperature 500 times per second.
  • RF and EMS in one single shot
    Improves skin elasticity through collagen boosting and by delivering energy to the targeted areas.
  • EMS(Mid-frequency)
    Improves uneven skin texture and enhances body contour by precisely delivering energy to the targeted areas.
  • Self clinical test for 4weeks
  • Dermis and subcutaneous fat layer length improvement 3%
  • Sagging abdominal skin elasticity improvement 2%
  • Sagging lower abdominal skin elasticity improvement 1.9%
  • Sagging arm elasticity improvement 1.6%
  • Thigh elasticity improvement 1.6%
  • Thigh skin texture improvement 3.8%
  • Sagging abdomen density improvement 1.9%
  • Sagging arm density improvement 3.5%
  • Body resilience and elasticity improvement 2.7%
  • *Result may vary among individuals
  • *Excerpt from Medicube Contour Body Shot human application test report
  • - AGE-R Contour Body Shot
  • - User Manual
  • - USB Charging Cable

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Collagen Niacinamide Jelly Cream
▸ Download the Age-R Device User Guide for step-by-step instructions.▸ Learn How to Use Age-R Contour Body Shot
howto use bodyshot video

Before Use

Connect the dedicated adapter to the device. Press and hold the power button to turn it on and select the desired mode
Arms, Thighs
Abdomen, Love Handles, Thighs, Lower Buttocks For individuals with thin or sensitive skin, perform a test using the mild mode before use.
After selecting the desired mode, press the (2) R and (3) E buttons once each to set the intensity level for the high-frequency (R) and EMS (E).
RF, EMS Mode Control TIP
R: Use the RF step for skin elasticity improvement through collagen care.
(Collagen boosting)
E: Increase the EMS level to improve elasticity by massaging the skin.
(Improves body line/shape)
howto use bodyshot video

Body Line Care

Please begin using the device on clean and dry skin after cleansing. Please start from the level one and gradually increase the intensity as you adapt to the care.
Divide the areas to be treated according to your body shape, as guided. Press the SHOT button to activate the suction and apply one shot at a time to the designated areas After using one shot, make sure to move to a different area and complete one set. Be careful not to use the device consecutively more than two times on the same area.
howto use bodyshot video

Skin Soothing

After completing 3-5 rounds of care for each designated area, finish off with a product that helps alleviate any marks or traces.
The marks or redness that may appear after the care are temporary. They will typically fade away within few days. Redness may or may not appear but it does not represent the device’s efficacy. (The thinner the skin, the more likely redness appears)
  • 01. Do I have to use it on dry skin? Using the product in a damp environment or when skincare products(gel, oil, cream) are applied can potentially cause product malfunction. Please make sure to use it on dry skin.
  • 02. Is it allowed to use the product on areas other than the recommended ones? No, using the product on areas other than the recommended ones is not allowed.
    MILDArms, Thighs
    STRONG Abdomen, Love Handles, Thighs, Lower Buttocks
    RESTRICTED AREA Head, Face, Neck, Armpits, Lymph Nodes Belly Button Area Chest Area(nipples, areolas), Groin Area, and Mucous Membranes.
  • 03. How many shots should I use for one area? The total number of shots may vary depending on the user's body. Divide the area you want to suction into sections, and use one shot per section, moving along the area. Complete one set, and repeat the process for a total of 3-5 sets.
  • 04. Is it okay to use it daily? You may use the Body Shot everyday. However, please adjust the frequency of use depending on skin condition and type.
  • 05. Will the marks that appear after use disappear? The marks that appear after using the suction device, such as suction marks and red marks, are natural. They are temporary and will naturally disappear within few days
    *Results may vary depending on individual *It is different from regular bruising and is safe to use. Bruise(Bluish bruise): It refers to the condition where the skin shows bleeding and swelling due to external impact or force, usually accompanied by pain.
  • 06. Do I need to use a dedicated adapter? Body Shot is specifically designed for body use and is developed as an adapter-type product rather than a battery-operated one in order to provide stable high-frequency and EMS energy to larger areas. Please make sure to use the included adapter when using the product.
  • 07. What should I do if I experience discomfort while using it? If you experience discomfort during suction, do not forcefully remove the suction head. Instead, press the SHOT button once more to immediately stop the suction. When you press the SHOT button again, the device will display 'STOP' and the suction will be immediately interrupted.