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AGE-R ATS Air Shot

AGE-R ATS Air Shot

Needle-free pore care

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  • Needle-free pore-tightening dermapen
    The ATS Air Shot is a needle-free device that helps to accelerate absorption. It helps maximize the effects when used along with skincare and obtain non-damaging skin passageways that, depending on the products used with it, helps improve skin conditions, brighten the skin and accelerate absorption. Regain the liveliness of your skin with a needle-free, non-bleeding, non-irritating device!
    • Non-skin-damaging revolutionary beauty device
      The Age-R Air is needle-free absorption acceleration device! The application of basic skincare after using the Age-R Air showed a 432% increase in absorption into the skin compared to using the hands.
    • Professional experience
      New, advanced technology that absorbs into the skin, we brought the professional esthetic technique straight to your home. Skin change occurs in 5 minutes, experience It yourself.
    • Trustworthy Certification
      Repeatedly tested and made to perfection. (Certifications from KC, CE, FCC, RCM, PSE.) Made and produced in Korea. We worked along with a business that specializes in lasers, high frequency, ultrasonic waves, etc. to design and put together the device in Korea.
    Electric microneedle
    Age-R Air uses needle-free technology to obtain skin passageways without damaging the skin. A uniquely developed technique by Medicube where high voltage electricity is irradiated to the skin to create non-damaging passageways that make your skin look more lively.
      Apply skincare with the AGE-R ATS Air Shot increases the absorption by 432%
      vita k cream
      vita k cream
      vita k cream
      before & AFTER
      (After 1 use)
      0.23㎣ > 0.14㎣
      Skin texture
      (After 1 use)
      5.5㎛ > 5.1㎛
      Dead skin cell
      (After 1 use)
      11.6% > 3.40%
      Skin glossiness
      (After 1 use)
      69.5 SGU > 86.4 SGU
      Skin inner hydration
      (After 1 use)
      49.6% > 52.4%
      *Result may vary among individuals due to different environmental factors.
      *Excerpt from Medicube AGE-R ATS Air Shot and 1 other human application test reports.
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    Collagen Niacinamide Jelly Cream
    HOW TO USE ATS Air Shot
    ▸ Download the Age-R Device User Guide for step-by-step instructions
    howto use bodyshot video

    Before Use

    Turn on device by holding the button for more than 2 seconds. Change the level by briefly pressing the power button
    howto use bodyshot video

    1. ATS Air Shot

    Use it on dry skin by sweeping the device head from the inside to the outside.
    ※ Don’t place the Air Shot directly on your face. Keep it slightly away.
    howto use bodyshot video

    3 Methods

    3 methods to use the Air Shot. Choose the method that works best!
    Tapping: With the probe head, tap lightly onto your skin surface
    Sweeping: Take the probe head and gently make contact with the skin.
    Brushing : Without making direct contact with the skin, take the probe head and move it around as if you were using a brush.
    • 01. How often should I use the Air Shot?We recommend using it 1-2 times a week then taking an average of 3-4 days off
    • 02. I can smell burning upon using the Air Shot. Is that okay?Medicube ATS Air Shot is a device that uses electric stimulation to obtain skin passageways. On your first use, the smell of burning is natural as it comes from the removal of your skin fuzz. The burning smell is temporary and it will go away in the middle or after usage. Please keep this in mind.
    • 03. When I use it around my nose or lips, the stimulation feels stronger.The skin around the nose and lips is thinner, thus the electrical stimulation may feel stronger. We recommend that you begin using it at level 1 in these areas. Rather than using the long-lasting sweeping or brushing methods, we recommend the tatpping method for the nose and mouth area.
    • 04. Do I have to cleanse my face before using?While it is possible to use on non-washed or makeup applied skin, skin passageways may not be properly obtained. For the most effective results, we recommend using the ATS Air Shot on completely dry skin after washing your face.
    • 05. When do the passageways obtained by the Air Shot recover?The Air Shot does not create direct scars on your face, so there is no separate recovery period. However, if the stimulation stays behind, it will disappear in 1~2 days so you don't have to worry.
    • 06. Can I use it on areas with acne?Yes, you can. However, if you plan on using the device in such areas for 5 minutes or more, we recommend using the tapping method for short-timed care. Afterwards, we also recommend finishing up with spot patches after skincare application.
    • 07. Is it okay to use the One-Day Serum with Zero Pore Pads, both of which contain acids?Of course! You may apply the One-Day Serum after gently wiping your skin with Zero Pore Pads for a more effective and synergetic pore-tightening routine!