AGE-R ATS Air Shot

Needle-free pore care

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    Needle-free pore-tightening dermapen The ATS Air Shot is a needle-free device that helps to accelerate absorption. It helps maximize the effects when used along with skincare and obtain non-damaging skin passageways that, depending on the products used with it, helps improve skin conditions, brighten the skin and accelerate absorption. Regain the liveliness of your skin with a needle-free, non-bleeding, non-irritating device!


    Non-skin-damaging revolutionary beauty device
    The Age-R Air is needle-free absorption acceleration device! The application of basic skincare after using the Age-R Air showed a 432% increase in absorption into the skin compared to using the hands.

    Professional experience
    New, advanced technology that absorbs into the skin, we brought the professional esthetic technique straight to your home. Skin change occurs in 5 minutes, experience It yourself.

    Trustworthy Certification
    Repeatedly tested and made to perfection. (Certifications from KC, CE, FCC, RCM, PSE.) Made and produced in Korea. We worked along with a business that specializes in lasers, high frequency, ultrasonic waves, etc. to design and put together the device in Korea.


    Electric microneedle
    Age-R Air uses needle-free technology to obtain skin passageways without damaging the skin. A uniquely developed technique by Medicube where high voltage electricity is irradiated to the skin to create non-damaging passageways that make your skin look more lively.


    Effects of the ATS Air Shot with just 1 use
    *Skincare(ampoule+cream) + Air Shot used

    Skin absorption increase 432%
    Pore improvement 39.3%
    Skin texture improvement 6.8%
    Dead skin cell improvement 69.5%
    Skin glossiness improvement 24.9%
    Skin inner hydration improvement 5.9%

    *Result may vary among individuals due to different environmental factors
    *Excerpt from Medicube ATS Air Shot human application test report


    - AGE-R Air Shot (Weight : 35*168*35mm / 2.65oz)
    - User Manual
    - USB Charging Cable