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Red Line Total Care Set (Face & Body)

Red Line Total Care Set (Face & Body)

Red Line, Acne-prone Skin & Bumps

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#1 Face & Body Total Care (Face & Body) with Red Line Full SET and Red Body Wash.

Skin care with systematic 4 steps, Cleanser, Toner, Serum, and Cream.

What it is
Clinically tested 3 step systematic skin care system for the best synergy.
This set comes with Red Toner, Red Serum and Red Cream for comprehensive, A-Z skin care.
All Red Line items are hypoallergenic and are suitable for acne-prone skin.

What is special
It has the ability to help skin-relieving and soothing properties. "

Who needs it:
People of all ages who are battling any kinds of irritation.
People who want to relieve their skin
Weight: Red Body Wash – 400ml, Red Foam Cleanser – 120ml, Red Toner - 100ml, Red Serum - 30ml, Red Cream - 50ml

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Key Ingredients

Tea tree leaf extract

Helps to calm skin

Willow bark extract

Moisturizes skin


Relieving skin


Dermatologically tested

Skincare Step

1. Red Foam Cleanser
Use appropriate amount and cleanse face gently.
2. Red Toner
Gently swipe across face.
3. Red Serum
Squeeze appropriate amount and massage skin while applying.
4. Red Cream
Apply appropriate amount on face and reapply on troubled areas to maximize moisture absorption and protection effect.
5. Red Body Wash
Squeeze out body wash and lather on body