Calendula Peel Off Mask

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Our iconic Calendula Peel Off Mask came back even better, and more powerful!
It’s been certified vegan in Korea, so you can use it without worrying about animal sourced ingredients.
We’ve upgraded this fan-fave, bestselling peel off mask while maintaining the unique formula beloved by APRILSKIN fans! Enjoy the fragrance of fresh, sweet, zesty oranges, and the BEST PEEL-FEEL!

Relax, kick back, and let this mask go to work for you. Clogged pores, blackheads, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and debris, it sticks to all that gunk like glue.

• Uber-gentle peel off mask infused with skin-calming Calendula Flowers exfoliates dead skin cells, gunk and pore-clogging impurities without irritation.
• Calendula Peel Off Mask dives deeper into your skin than other peel-off masks thanks to its smaller molecular structure.
• With impurities cleared away, nutrients and moisture are able to absorb better. Skin looks clearer, smoother, and more even.

• Calendula Flower:
Rich in anti-oxidants, this time-tested healing flower helps shed dullness and calms even the most sensitive skin.
• Orange & Teetree Oil:
Orange Peel Oil clears up acne, reduces puffiness and redness, helps smooth out uneven skin tone and skin texture, while brightening and moisturizing your skin.
• Net Molecular Structure:
Smaller molecular structure shaped like nets dives deeper into your skin than other peel off masks.
• Vegan formula.

• Dry, rough skin
• When makeup looks cakey from flaks and patches
• Shiny skin from excess oil
• Dull and drab skin from dead skin cells
• Sensitive skin that needs exfoliation

100g / 3.52 oz

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Hero Ingredient


All parts of the Calendula Flower were sourced in its pure, raw form, including the petals, pistil, stamen, and calyx. It soothes snestivie skin and defend it from external harms, with healing properties so good, it’s basically a whole bouquet of flowers -- but for your skin, not your bae.



Unglos pores


How to use

1. After cleansing, apply an even layer to dry skin, avoiding eyes, lips, and hairline.
2. Leave on for 30 mins or until completely dry.
3. Gently peel off mask from outer edges and wipe away any excess with a fresh clean towel.

1. Apply using the Jelly Brush for even application.
2. Wait until mask dries completely for easier removal.
3. Start peeling off the mask from the edge.

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