At-home Full Facial Set

At-home Full Facial Set

Time to upgrade your skin routine

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    AGE-R At-home Full facial Set Set includes:
    Age-R Derma EMS Shot
    Age-R ATS Air Shot
    Age-R Ussera Deep Shot
    Age-R Booster


    Derma EMS Shot (Face contouring)
    xs A new facial EMS beauty device for skin elasticity care. The Medicube Age-R Device is an advanced device that helps to improve facial contour/features and appearance of line from inside out by gently massaging and stimulating sub-dermal muscles using medium-frequency-energy.

    ATS Air Shot (Pore care)
    The ATS Air Shot is a needle-free device that helps to accelerate absorption. It helps maximize the effects when used along with skincare and obtain non-damaging skin passageways that, depending on the products used with it, helps improve skin conditions, brighten the skin and accelerate absorption.

    Ussera Deep Shot (Collagen Stimulation)
    Beauty home care for collagen boosting! The Ussera Deep Shot using ultrasound & high frequency helps skin look better and healthier.

    Booster (Glow Boosting)
    Glow effect with AGE-R booster New and Effective Skincare Absorption. Noticeable change with 5 minutes of daily use. Experience it for yourself


    Derma EMS Shot
    Mid-frequency energy currents can help massage and stimulate inactive muscles in the skin, which supports skin elasticity.

    ATS Air Shot
    Age-R Air uses needle-free technology to obtain skin passageways without damaging the skin. A uniquely developed technique by Medicube where high voltage electricity is irradiated to the skin to create non-damaging passageways that make your skin look more lively.

    Ussera Deep Shot
    The Ussera Deep Shot Device helps enhance collagen stimulation within your skin. It helps plump up the skin by stimulating collagen to aid with aging skin. Using dual energy, it stimulates the skin and collagen within it.

    Booster (Glow Boosting)
    Electroporation Professional Beauty care Glow Poration Technology gives a hydra & inner glow effect. AGE-R Booster creates temporary passageways on the skin layer, rapidly passing active ingredients, helps to bring back skin radiance.

"Better than Botox for many reasons for cost, for the safety" - Tati Westbrook

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