All About Glow Set

All About Glow Set

Set includes: Age-R Booster-H, Age-R Ussera Deep Shot

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  • Skincare routine for Korean glass glow skin
    Would you like to achieve healthy and radiant Korean skin? You can achieve professional results right from the comfort of your home. Boost your collagen, enhance the penetration of your skincare with Booster-H, and behold a remarkable transformation in your skin!
  • Age-R Booste-H
    No bumpy marks, No recovery time needed! Bring out the skin's natural glow with AGE-R Booster's deep absorption technology. Noticeable change with 5 minutes of daily use. Experience it for yourself.
  • Age-R Ussera Deep Shot
    A beauty home device using ultrasound & high frequency helps skin look better and healthier. High frequency - A technique that generates heat deep into the skin. Ultrasound - A technique that shoots ultrasonic wave energy. Visualize pro-level treatment results yourself.
  • Age-R Booste-H
    Professional Beauty care Glow Poration Technology gives a hydra & inner glow effect. AGE-R Booster creates temporary passageways on the skin layer, rapidly passing active ingredients, helps to bring back skin radiance.
  • Age-R Ussera Deep Shot
    Ultrasound & High frequency & Red light  
    The Ussera Deep Shot Device helps enhance collagen stimulation within your skin. It helps plump up the skin by stimulating collagen to aid with aging skin. Using Red light, High-frequency and Ultrasound, it stimulates the skin and collagen within it. Get high-end, premium anti-aging therapy inside your own home and regain your skin's liveliness!
  • Age-R Booste-H
    Effects of the AGE-R Booster with skincare products *Skincare (ampoule+cream) + AGE-R Booster used
    Skin permeability increase 490%
    Skin glossiness improvement 57.4%
    Skin pores volume improvement 28.5%
    Temporary improvement of skin redness 2.8%
    Skin texture improvement 6.8%
    Skin brightness improvement 0.6%
  • Age-R Ussera Deep Shot
    Skin elasticity differences in just 4 weeks
    Sunken cheek area skin improvement 37.8%
    Sunken smile line skin improvement 16.3%
    Saggy cheek area skin improvement 7.1%
    Saggy smile line skin improvement 4.4%
    Dermis layer density improvement 8.5%
    Skin mark recovery (elasticity recovery) improvement 48%
    Outer skin elasticity improvement 5.6%
    Skin glossiness (glow) improvement 22.3%
  • *Result may vary among individuals due to different environmental factors
    *Excerpt from Age-R Deep Shot and Booster-H human application test report

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Age-R All About Glow Set Schedule
▸ Download the Booster-H User Guide for step-by-step instructions▸ Download the Ussera Deep Shot User Guide for step-by-step instructions
howto use deepshot video

Prep your skin

Press the Power button to turn it on and press the level button to change the level. Level changes with each press. "Apply the booster gel all over the Ussera electrode head " and spread the gel across your face with the tightely pressed-on head
howto use bodyshot video

80 shots

After setting the desired step, adhere the head on the concerned area, press the shot button and move by one space, and 1 shot at a time
RESTRICTED AREA: Avoid the areas around the eyes, uvula, near the philtrum, Adam's apple, and eyelids
※ Do not repeat use on one area. Use the shot button to apply 1 shot to each area you move to. Start on level 1 on your first use. Choose the level that works best as you continue to use.
howto use deepshot video

Collagen boost

After the 80-shot care is completed, tap the gel for absorption. If you feel dryness, finish by using additional foundation product previously used.
howto use boosterh video

Prep your skin

After wash your face gently, applying the skin care product on your whole face. Press and hold the power button to turn it on. *Start on level 1 when first using the device. Choose the level that works best as you continue using the device.
howto use boosterh video

3 methods

The Booster-H is a glow boosting device that helps absorption. Keep the head completely attached to the skin. There are three methods to use the device : Watering, Boosting and Focus.
Watering : Watering method is rolling the device head like a drawing circle
Boosting : Boosting method is sliding the device on the skin
Focus : The focus method is pressing the head of device one spot at a time on the skin
howto use boosterh video

Glow boosting

When the skincare is absorbed, finish with intensive care. Fill up radiance and glow from within. Use it every day in your skincare routine and enjoy the afterglow!
    • Ussera Deep Shot
    • 01. How often should I use the Deep Shot? 2-3 times a week is recommended. However, everybody's skin conditions are different so adust according to your skin.
    • 02. Can I use apply more than 80 shots a day?Since the principle behind the device is to generate heat onto the skin surface, excessive use is not advised. Thus, we recommend 80 shots, 3 times a week. However, as everybody's skin conditions are different, we recommend adjusting according to your own skin.
    • 03. Do I have to use the booster gel? With the Deep Shot being operated with high frequency and ultrasonic waves, a conductor must be used for energy conduction. Thus, we recommend using the specially developed booster gel for effective energy conduction.
    • 04. How do I use it on areas that are highly stimulated? Stimulation felt on the skin may vary according to the user, so please start using the device on level 1. On areas with protruding bones like cheekbones and the chin, as well as areas with thinner skin, stimulation may be felt more strongly. Therefore, we recommend using the device on level 1.
    • 05. The shot doesn't operate sometimes. The device has a continuous shot prevention function to prevent excessive application in one area. There is a waiting period of 0.5 seconds after 1 shot. After 1 shot, you must move on to another area to apply another shot.
    • 06. What's the difference from the Age-R Derma EMS Shot? While both devices help the skin, the Age-R Derma EMS Shot strengthens muscles through mid-frequency energy. The Deep Shot uses heat generated by high-frequency and ultrasonic waves.
      *Please check before using with the Age-R Derma EMS Shot
    • 07. How do I use it with the Age-R Derma EMS Shot? We recommend using the Derma EMS Shot first, followed by the Air Shot. If you experience overstimulation after using the Derma EMS Shot, we recommend refraining from using it for about 3 days. If you don't feel any overstimulation after using the Derma EMS Shot the following day, then it is fine to use it every day.

  • Booster-H
  • 01. Do I have to use the device with skin care products? Without using skin care products, the stimulation may not be delivered well. Please note that the products' viscosity and moisture levels may affect the degree of energy level. We recommend you to use the device with well-hydrated skin care products.
  • 02. Is it designed to be used for every skin type?Since the principle behind the device is to generate heat onto the skin surface, excessive use is not advised. Thus, we recommend 80 shots, 3 times a week. However, as everybody's skin conditions are different, we recommend adjusting according to your own skin.
  • 03. Can I use the device every day? Yes, product is desinged to be used on a daily basis. However, please adjust the period and cycle of usage as according to your skin condition as skin condition may vary among individuals.
  • 04. Does it have to be used for just 5 minutes per day? It is recommended to be used several times (1-3 times) a day for short periods instead of a prolonged usage period. However, please adjust the usage time and intervals as according to your skin condition.
  • 05. The device is not being charged even though it's connected to the adapter. Please double-check if the adapter is well connected to the electrical outlet. Also, please check if the contact point of the charger has been kept clean. Please try wiping the contact point gently with a cotton swab to avoid any foreign substance from contaminating the contact point.
  • 06. The device is not being operated at all! If the battery is discharged, the device may not be operated. Please re-use the device after fully charging its body.
  • 07. How can I clean the product? After use, wipe off the head with a small amount of alcohol on wet wipes, soft cloths, cotton pads, cotton swabs, etc. and keep it dry. *Do not wash the device with water as it may cause a breakdown.