Medicube Complete Skincare SET

$210 $280

MEDICUBE COMPLETE with this set! MD’s pick for a premium facial & body total-care routine!

If you're hesitant on what to choose, get this set and apply it as according to your needs! It is an A-Z routine that gets you covered in every aspect of your skin care so that you can UP your skin game for good.

RED LINE for body & facial irritation care
ZERO LINE for cleansing & pore care
CICA LINE for soothing & strengthening skin barrier
GLASS GLOW LINE for plumping & glowy skin
DEEP LINE for brightening & the improvement of skin texture

What you’ll get:
- Red Body Wash
- Red Cleansing Oil
- Zero Foam Cleanser 2.0
- Zero Pore Pads
- Super Cica Ampoule
- Glass Glow Toner (Essence)
- Triple Deep Erasing Cream
- Deep Vita C Serum (Ampoule)
- FREE Zero Line minis

TIPS before use!

1. Please do not use our Deep Vita C Serum with the Zero Pore Pad in the same routine. We recommend that you alternate these products as follows - the Zero Pore Pads in AM and the Deep Vita C Serum in PM.
2. Please do not use our Deep Vita C Serum simultaneously with the products containing Retinol-Vitamin A, AHA(Lactic Acid), BHA(Salicylic Acid), and Niacinamide-Vitamin B3.
3. We recommend that you use Deep Vita C Serum (Ampoule) in PM and when you use it in AM, we suggest to use it with a sunblock after applying the serum.

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Main Ingredients


White Willow Bark for clearing pores


Triple Collagen Complex


13.5% Vitamin C


Relieving skin

Total Care

Dermatologically tested

Skincare Step

Red Body Wash
Squeeze out and lather up, on target areas such as back & chest

*Please do not use our Deep Vita C Serum with the Zero Pore Pad in the same routine.
1. Red Cleansing Oil
Pump out the oil on dry hands to spread it over the entire face and massage.
2. Zero Foam Cleanser
Use appropriate amount and cleanse face gently.
3. Zero Pore Pads
Exfoliate and refine your skin after cleansing.
4. Glass Glow Toner (Essence)
Apply appropriate amount on face.
5. Super Cica Ampoule
Squeeze appropriate amount and massage skin.
6. Deep Vita C Serum
Apply Vita C Serum after Super Cica Ampoule.
7. Triple Deep Erasing Cream
Lock in moisture with a cream.